About Company

A family history

1951 Adelard D’amour opened a bicycle store called “D’amour bicycle & sports”, located on the corner of St-Antoine Street and 4th avenue, in Lachine. Adelard had a “side job” as they say. He worked at the Montreal forum for the Canadians hockey club. His task was to sharpen the players skates before the games. He did this from 1955 to 1961.

1961 the store moved to the corner of 6th avenue and Victoria, from this time the store remains open all year long. During the winter he would up keep the maintenance of skates.

1978 the son of Adelard, Denis D’amour took over the store.

1981 Denis D’amour starting importing parts and accessories. He proposed to other retailers of the region to unite their purchasing power together to benefit from the economic scale. 

1990 a striking action took place, an arson. It completely destroyed the store, total loss. Denis D’amour rolled up his sleeves and started from scratch. He decided to rebuild from 1,000 square feet to 10,000 square feet.

2001 moved to the industrial sector of Lachine to a warehouse 35,000 square feet. A new conviction that definitely separates the retail store from the distributor parts and accessories.

2009 Denis D’amour decided to start importing a family bike line called “DCO”.  Known, drawn and adapted for our Québec and Ontario market.  To this day we have a hundred DCO’s retailer.

2010 we added a new line of road bikes, the name KUOTA. The frames are imported but they are all assembled here in Quebec.

2011 the 1st of November Denis decided to close the doors to the retail store. In order to completely focus on his distribution of bicycles, parts & accessories. For the Canadian market.

2016 Denis D’amour achieves a new warehouse devoted entirely to the assembly of his Kuota road bikes as well as the distribution of his line of bikes DCO.