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- The cardo BK-1 allows simultaneous intercom cycling communication between 3 cyclists at a distances of up to 500 m / 1 640.4 feet . Each cyclist can also talk to 2 additional cyclists using the intercom toggling feature. For added safety and convenience, the cardo BK-1 offers intuitive Voice Command operation as well as Click-to-Link for spontaneous connections. Cyclists can therefore ride at a distance and still remain in touch.
- With its intuitive embedded voice control technology, cyclists almost never need to remove their hands from the handlebars. A simple ''yes'', for example, will accept an incoming call. Sharing quickly vital information between cyclists makes the ride a lot safer.
- High-end speakers hovering above the ears (without touching them), deliver excellent audio quality and maximum comfort while allowing awareness of the surroundings.
- Aerodynamic and lightweight (under 50 grams).
- Fully waterproof and dustproof and adapts easily to any environmental conditions.
- While riding connect to your mobile phone, GPS device and MP3 player.
- iPhone and Android smartphones compatible.

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